One of our goals is to provide information about Turkic peoples, history and give some learning, reading and visual material for those who want to learn one or more Turkic language(s).

Our language is our legacy to our children. It is probably one of the most important values that we can leave to them. Along with our traditions, music and songs, it helps us to define our identity and determine who we are, not according to our place of living but according to our roots.

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Teleñ Betsä


If You Lose Your Language

Teleñ betsä, betär ileñ.
İl betkändä kem soñ bez?
Mesken bulıp bärgälänep,
Dönya buylap yöribez.

Teleñ betsä, betär cırıñ.
Cırsız halık cansız ul.
Telsez, moñsız, cansız halık –
Ber hörmätsez, sansız ul.

Teleñ betsä, bar da betä.
Tele barnıñ köne bar.
Ğorur canı, tuwar tañı,
Görläp torğan ile bar.

Georgiy İbuşev
12nçe dekabr, 2002
    Lose your language, lose your homeland.
Without a homeland who are we?
We will roam the world,
In despair and anguish.

Lose your language, lose your songs.
People without songs – people without life.
Without language, soul and life –
People are just numbers, without any respect.

Lose your language and lose it all.
With a language you have life.
Those with a proud soul, a new dawn,
Will have a flourishing homeland.

Translated by: Cuneyt Çapanoğlu
March 10, 2010